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Users’ data and their security

Users’ personal data will be collected by at certain places within the website and at a certain time. The data will be used for contacting users and for the records and for statistical processing of website visiting rate. Energa d.o.o. guarantees that data collected in this way will not be sold.

Editing and deleting of users’ data and the removal of email addresses from mailing lists is possible on the link or via links for data removal/ editing which can be found at the bottom of all company Energa d.o.o. advertising emails. To get information about their data, users can email to

By sending queries, signing a contract or by immediate contact, a user agrees to put at disposal his/her data, thus allowing them to be used for protecting personal interests in all transactions agreed with Energa d.o.o..

Personal data collection and processing includes their transmission to third persons and companies in the Republic of Croatia and abroad. Third persons include all physical persons and companies that are necessary for the realisation of agreed transactions.

Data is stored for an indefinite period of time.

About cookies

In computing, a magic cookie, or just cookie for short, is a token or short packet of data passed between communicating programs, where the data is typically not meaningful to the recipient program. The contents are opaque and not usually interpreted until the recipient passes the cookie data back to the sender or perhaps another program at a later time. The cookie is often used like a ticket – to identify a particular event or transaction.

In some cases, recipient programs are able to meaningfully compare two cookies for equality.

More information about cookies at:

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