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  • A design with straight lines and slanted contours gives the Topline system its striking visual appearance
  • High thermal values of Uw=0.76 W/(m2K) are possible depending on the glass surfaces, which reduces heating expenses
  • High quality seals in attractive standard grey; this seal system deflects cold weather, draft, and moisture
  • Zinc coated steel reinforcements ensure statics safety and lasting functionality
  • Multi-chamber profile with the base installation depth of 70 mm ensures optimal effectiveness of air used for insulation


Advantages of PVC windows:

  • Reducing costs and saving energy: The multi-chamber technique of the Veka profiles ensures an exceptionally low amount of heat transfer. It reduces the consumption of energy and with it the heating costs.
  • Excellent environment for living: Excellent insulation properties of the Veka profiles ensure minimal temperature differences in a room, which contributes to comfort in your living space.
  • More safety: Depending on their position and accessibility, windows must fulfil various safety requirements. With special furnishings, glass, and handles, windows can be equipped with burglar proof materials.
  • Optimal noise insulation: Noise reduces living comfort and can also create health problems. Even the basic model of windows with Veka profiles offers noise protection and they can be upgraded to provide the highest level of noise protection.
  • Large selection of colours: Windows and doors in a specific colour offer a special design accent. With over 50 colours and wood decorations, we offer individual solutions for everyone’s taste and all types of houses.
  • Value in the future: New windows are a cost-effective investment, which increases the value of your real estate. High-value Veka profiles with a special smooth surface remain visually attractive for a long time, their cleaning is simple, and they do not require coatings.

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Winkhaus furnishings – window furnishings with an accent

The tilt and turn window concept combines functionality, a perfected safety technique, and simple use. It offers high flexibility for high optical requirements, with a specific design of the connecting side.


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