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„Our business is based on decades of experience, quality work and materials, awareness of modern trends and a highly professional relationship with all our buyers … Energa, quality of your home.“

The company ENERGA d.o.o., located in Đakovo, is one of the leading manufacturers of ALU and PVC construction joinery in the region. It has been manufacturing joinery since 1997 and servicing fire extinguishers since 1998.

Following and adopting new technologies enables us to make joinery according to the highest European standards. With windows of all types and shapes, front doors and balcony doors, sliding and folding doors, and garage doors, we are able to provide high quality products that will make your living or business space more comfortable.

The size of our manufacturing facility is about 700m2 and there we make PVC joinery out of PVC profiles from the leading European manufacturer VEKA, exclusively according to the wishes of our clients, and constant investments keep our machinery at the highest level.

There are unlimited options available to you when it comes to shapes, and a wide variety of additional profiles, colours, and attractive wood decorations will satisfy even the most unusual architectural demands.

Our PVC joinery production is completed with high quality WINKHAUS locking systems, so we offer a wide range of options, or cylinders: general (one key unlocks all cylinders), group (one key unlocks a certain number of cylinders), and individual (one key unlocks one cylinder), garage doors, window sills.

In cooperation with competent partners and steel suppliers, door furniture suppliers, and suppliers of other materials, ENERGA d.o.o. and its products have a significant place in the regional market, as well as in the wider Croatian market.

Along with the stated business activities we are licensed to sell and service fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishing equipment. We have licenses from known brands Mobiak, Pastor, Luveti, Primaris, and others. We also have years of experience in this business and we successfully cooperate with citizens and businesses.


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