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New products at Energa d.o.o.

Together with current products, Energa has expanded on additional equipment for your window and door openings. Anything you might need for inner or outer furnishing of your windows is now available in one location: internal blinds, mosquito blinds, awnings, sunbreakers, …

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Why you need to install PVC joinery?

  • Save energy in your home with ENERGA PVC windows and doors.
  • Cost-effective energy-efficient investments through acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors are decisive factors when it comes to the need to reduce energy losses. Modern windows and doors are a safe investment in the fast-growing energy prices, ensure a
  • Healthy indoor climate, increases comfort and ensures long-term value of the property.
  • PVC joinery is resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Get creative with a wide selection of colors and shapes.
  • Excellent anti-theft security.
  • The ease of maintenance of PVC with an impeccable aesthetic appearance.

ALU joinery

Cost reductions and energy savings, excellent insulating properties, optimal sound isolation, great choice of colors, more security Learn more...

PVC joinery

Windows, doors (balcony, front, garage), sliding and folding doors, roll-up blinds, shutters. Learn more...


High quality PVC for longevity, attractive appearance, and flawless functioning for many years. Learn more...

Security cylinders

We complete our aluminium and PVC joinery production with high quality safety locking systems. Learn more...

Mosquito blinds

They are made from quality and durable materials, and they fit in with the aesthetics of your window, because the net is inconspicuous.. Learn more...


Sunbreakers are shades that are much more compact and resistant and at the same time and dimensional marginally higher than other standard shades. Learn more...

Internal blinds

From our range of products you can choose a variety of roller blind, blinds, panel curtains, plush curtains and internal blinds. Learn more...

Joinery maintenance

Contact us for more information about this service.Learn more...

Garage doors

We feature automatic sectional and roll-up garage doors with equpiment. Learn more...

Window sills

Contact us for more info... Learn more...


Contact us for more info... Learn more...

Fire prevention equipment

ENERGA d.o.o. has been in the business of selling new fire extinguishers for many years. We have years of experience in selling fire extinguishers and we offer various types of extinguisher. Learn more...

Compressed air bottling

We offer services of compressed air bottling and CO2 bottling.Learn more...

CO2 bottling

We offer services of CO2 bottling.Learn more...

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